Unboxing video by SuesKawaiiCollection

SueKawaiiCollection is a Youtube channel where you can find videos of everything cute and nothing but kawaii things.On 13th July she has posted an unboxing video of TEKNOFUN’s Pikachu light-up figures. Pikachu light-up figure with hand strap is pocket size and has two lighting modes. Delivered with batteries so you can use it from the […]

Astérix & Obélix License

For the release of the latest Astérix and Obélix‘s comic strip, Teknofun launch a new collection of led lamps, for youngers as well as olders. By Toutatis, in the year 2015 we also celebrate the 50 years old of Idéfix, Obelix’s faithful companion. With its 35 comic strips, Asterix makes us live “fantastix” adventures since […]

Mia and Me License

With only 12 years old, the young Mia likes reading narratives about Centopia‘s world thanks to her ancient book of myths. Due to an high-tech portal, she finds herself projected in a marvelous world inhabited by elves, dragons and unicorns… But this kingdom, formerly idyllic, is in a huge conflict. The naughty Queen Panthea wants […]

Welcome Astérix!

By Toutatis, an Asterix collection! Teknofun turns up at the Gauls for new adventures!   © 2015 Les Editions Albert René / Goscinny – Uderzo

Green Attitude

Nowadays, ecology is a stake which future generations will have to face. That’s why Teknofun created the Green Attitude Label for some of its products to provide educative value about our environment.

Designed In France

  ll the graphic design are made in France. Our designers team travel the world in search of the latest trends and offer breathtaking visuals. To promote our expertise in graphic design, we created the “designed in Paris” label, which ensures that univers and visuals have been created in France.  

Hello Kitty License

ello Kitty was created in 1974. Her creators, from Japan, gave her an english look sought by the domestic public. Hello Kitty shares her story with couple of characters in cartoons and video games. She is a very kind and sympatethic character loved by children, as well as by adults. Her notoriety has evolved and […]