Always at the forefront of the tendency, Teknofun brought up to date Pop-Art culture with its Comic universe. This artistic movement of the 50’s was an inspiration for our marketing team, who fetched more and more funny, pop and colorful visuals. Our Comic Collection will give you a hard time!

Nowadays, ecology is a stake which future generations will have to face. That’s why Teknofun created the Green Attitude Label for some of its products to provide educative value about our environment.



All the graphic design are made in France. Our designers team travel the world in search of the latest trends and offer breathtaking visuals.

To promote our expertise in graphic design, we created the “designed in Paris” label, which ensures that univers and visuals have been created in France.


Paris, capitale de la mode. C’est dans cette ville que Teknofun est allé chercher son inspiration pour sa collection.

Des Champs-Elysées à la Tour Eiffel, notre équipe de designers a parcouru les recoins de la ville pour vous offrir des visuels colorés et en accord avec l’esprit de la mode. Notre collection ravira les fashionistas et leur permettra de s’évader dans cette ville magique.